Transparent Sound

Shaping audio products since 2011, but this year reborn with a refined brand, some new products and a lot of dedication to help create a more caring electronics industry.

The new Small Transparent Speaker is finally available to order. This neatly sized and great sounding bluetooth loudspeaker has been carefully designed down to every details. Order it here!

We always wanted to bring a perspective of nature into the world of technology, with this collection we take it one step further. By collaborating with artisans we make three limited speaker editions that embodies the hand-made. A study in materials, techniques and textures.

We proudly present Wood, Steel and Stoneware Speaker.



We collaborate with selected well curated interior shops. We aim to offer places in most big cities to experience our speakers IRL.

Pictures from St. Vincents in Antwerp and Nordiska Galleriet in Stockholm


Nordiska Galleriet
Nybrogatan 11

Aplace (launching soon)
Brunogallerian - Götgatan 36
Hornstull - Långholmsgatan 19

Karlavägen 74

Dry Studios
(Wood Speaker only)
Upplandsgatan 36

Perspective Studio
(launching soon)
(Steel Speaker only)


Olsson & Gerthel
Engelbrektsgatan 9


Nordiska Galleriet
Barlastgatan 2


The Home Company
(launcing soon)
Parkgatan 3


Kalkbrænderiløbskaj 2

Dansk (launching soon)
Istedgade 80


Frydenlundgata 14B


Conran Shop Marylebone
(launching soon)
55 Marylebone High Street


Conran Shop Paris
117 Rue du Bac

55 Quai de Valmy

Empreintes (launching soon)
(Stoneware speaker only)
5 Rue de Picardie


St. Vincents
Kleine Markt 13


Schneider & Colao
Calle de Belen 2


Turntable Lab
84 E 10th Street

Long Lasting Values

The Transparent Speaker have an ambitious goal to change the polluting and wasteful consumer product industry towards a sustainable, closed-loop system.

The high quality build and timeless design gives them a potential to transcend trends, and live for long time. But there is more to these products than meets the eye. The construction is completely modular, which means all parts can be individually replaced, updated, repaired or recycled. In a world where tech changes fast, this is a way to future proof our speakers. If for example a new wireless standard becomes important, we can let our customers upgrade only this small part, and not throw away the entire product.

We want to end the throwaway consumer culture for good. We ultimately believe products should become better over time, and potentially live forever.